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Join us at the Grand Opening of Hope Soap Detergent!


The grand opening of our new store at 5889 S. MacDill Ave. will be on June 20 through June 21 from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

About Hope Soap Detergent:

Our business was founded to provide an affordable laundry detergent at wholesale prices. Our goal is to provide up to 20 percent of our profits to charitable organizations that help the homeless, veterans, widows and those with disabilities.

We are dedicated to maintaining low overhead and low prices to benefit our community. Partnering with our community allows us to combine efforts without having to double our donations or contributions.

By employing disabled veterans, those with special needs and people willing to work to help others, we work with government contracts, veteran administrations, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels and companies that handle laundry on a larger scale.

Help us build hope through soap and give back to your community.

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Hope Soap Detergent (HSD)

5889 S. MacDill Ave.

Tampa, FL 33611

Phone: 813-466-8555


Proudly serving the Tampa and St. Petersburg area 

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