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THANK YOU TAMPA!!! Our heartfelt gratitude to our friends, family and fans for coming out to kick of Hispanic Heritage Festival. Thousands attended in what has become an iconic festival in Tampa and Ybor City.

All American Music Productions Inc. invited the Tampa Bay community and surrounding counties to kick-off and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring generations of Hispanic Americans residing in Tampa Bay, and across our Sunshine State as well as the nation for their social, cultural and economic contributions! Through hard work and dedication, Hispanic Americans have contributed to science, the arts, commerce, sports, philanthropy and every other facet of American life. Men and women of Hispanic descent have proudly and courageously served in the armed forces throughout American history, showing an unwavering commitment to protect our nation.


On Sunday, 18 September 2016, as part of the inaugural ViVa Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage Festival at Centennial Park in Ybor City, Hispanic role models will be honored with proclamations from the City of Tampa’s. Each honoree was selected by their respective peers for his or her outstanding contributions toward enhancing the quality of life and advancement of the Tampa community. This celebration framed with music and joy will recognize how Florida’s growing and contributing Hispanic population enriches our state and strengthens Florida’s cultural and economic ties with Latin American roots. The diversity of Florida’s people and cultures truly makes Tampa one of the most vibrant communities’ in the country. This year’s ViVa Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage Award

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It is our honor to recognize members of 2506 Brigade who are currently residing in Tampa, Florida.

At the ViVa Tampa Festival we honor the memory of the men of the 2506 Brigade who were willing to sacrifice their lives for their beloved Cuba in the Bay of Pigs invasion over 50 years ago. These courageous young men risked everything in the name of freedom to bring down the Communist regime. Over 100 members of the 2506 were killed and over 1,000 were captured, imprisoned and some tortured. Upon their return to the United States, many of the men of the Brigade became officers in the United States Army and continued the fight in Vietnam. And so we recognize their sacrifice and their commitment to freedom for all.

Col (Ret) Orlando Rodriguez Alvarez, and Mr. Luis R. Campuzano, (Specialist Heavy Weapons). Mr. Roberto Pizano althought not a direct member of the brigade, participated in operations prior to the invasion, but was captured and served 18 years in a political prison.

In recognition and appreciation and extraordinary bravery and Personal sacrifice in a dangerous and difficult battle for liberty and justice. These courageous young men risked everything in the name of freedom.



We want to thank U.S. member of Congress FL-15 member and U.S. Representative the honorable Rep DENNIS A. ROSS for recognizing the contributions made by TITO PUENTE to community, culture, music and his service to the U.S. Navy.

This year we pay tribute to legendary Tito Puente donned the “King of Latin Music” was a pioneering force in Latin music, known for fusing styles and putting a big-band spin on traditional Latin music. Mr. Puente was drafted into the U.S. Navy and served during World War II.

In addition to music, Puente remained dedicated to causes affecting the Latin community throughout his lifetime. In 1979, he created a scholarship fund for Latin percussionists at the Juilliard School. “The scholarship was a dream of mine for a long time,” Puente later said, explaining, “In the Latin community, we have a lot of gifted youngsters who don’t get an opportunity to develop their talent because of a lack of money. Long after, I’m gone, the fund will be helping kids.”